Description of our project

An Atypical World Trip

We took the decision of accomplish a rather atypical world trip as mainly based on volunteering.

Thus we will engage in different volunteering, humanitarian, solidarity and educational missions. It was important for us to find an original way to travel in accordance with our beliefs.

Our aim is to meet children all around the world and encourage child exchanges and communication.


To meet the children all around the world

The humanitarian and solidarity dimension are very important for us. We cannot consider our world trip without this part. Thus, we want and we will associate different volunteering missions with the children of the world.

Thus we will meet the children from Magny en Vexin (France) but also the children in school and orphenages all around the world.

  •  Our missions:

         - Organization of sport and fun activities with children in order to give them the opportunity to escape from their everyday life (foot tournament, balls games, relay races, drawing workshop…)

       - Give some presentations of our World trip in schools and orphanages.

       - French and English courses in orphanages

       - Presentation of our project in order to allow us to discover the world  through our pictures and feelings. Thus we want to generate a hope and a willingness to discover the world and its wealth.

       - Our world trip will be also the way to speak on different topic with them in France (elementary school of Magny en Vexin) but also abroad:

                - To let children discover the daily life of the foreign children,

                - To raise awareness of water scarcity and the importance of hygiene, 

                - To raise awareness of the respect and children rights notions,

                - To promote awareness about the importance of foreign language learning,

                - To teach them geography thanks to our itinerary,

       - To convey our passion for travelling…


  •  The exchange:

       - In order to share our adventure from the beginning to the end, and to allow the children to take advantage of our experience we are « god father » and « god mother » of 2 elementary school at Magny en Vexin. Indeed we want to make them discover the world through our experience and give them our passion for traveling. Thus we will regularly contact them.

       - Moreover, we will ensure to put French and foreign children through.

Finally, in addition of our missions already planned we will engage our humanitarian investment in an opportunistic manner. Indeed, the volunteering is state of mind that unfolds from day to day. That’s why every occasion will be the opportunity to give some help (building construction,


A journey close to the local population

  • The means of transport we will use

We will travel with many kind of transport. Our goal is to be the closest to the local population and also to limit he cost. Thus we will travel by plane for the most important distance, and by foot. We are very athletics so we are not scare of it.  Actually, it will allow us a large degree of freedom and the possibility to discover the hidden paradise. Then we will prioritize the hitchicking. This is, in on one hand, a very cheap way of traveling but also the best way to meet interesting people. It will allow us to meet and talk with the local population and exchange about our different cultures.

  • The types of accommodations

In the same way of the means of transport, our goal is to limit our cost but also meet people and exchange with them. Thus we will prioritize the Couchesurfing which allow people to get an accommodation for free and discover some other cultures and meet some very interesting people.

Moreover we will choose to the system which consists on get a free accommodation in exchange of work for the hosts.

Finally we will also camp, take advantage of sleeping in the airport, in the bus, plane and the backpacker.


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